Ms. Rian Smith

Ms. Rian Smith

“ I have always known that I wanted to work in the Health Care field, because I loved helping people and taking care of other’s injuries as a child….but the path to a health care career suitable for me was not clear.

I joined the Health Careers Partnership Academy at my high school and became a member of Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA). Becoming a part of HOSA helped to influence my decision by my participation in competitions, workshops, and opportunities to learn leadership skills and teamwork.

HOSA has given me the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in real life situations. I have expanded my leadership and communication skills by serving as a Cal-HOSA State Officer. As a HOSA State Officer and a chapter member at Ygnacio Valley, I have been instrumental in developing a program of work that has increased membership, developed community service projects and expanded awareness of HOSA in the community.

Because of HOSA, I am more confident in my skills and knowledge, and better informed and prepared to help and change the health care community. I now have a plan to fulfill my desire to become a Pediatric Nurse. I know that I would never have been so well equipped and ready if not for this organization and my active participation. I am grateful and proud to be a member and have strived to give back to this organization and will continue to promote the philosophy of HOSA”.
Rian Smith
Scholarship Recipient

“Last summer, Rian took the Certified Nursing Assistant course at Loma Vista Adult Education and worked very hard to earn her license. She took the initiative to participate in this program, which is beyond the required courses at Ygnacio Valley High School. Her skills learned in this program and combined with the skills learned through HOSA will enable her to be the quality health care provider that our state needs”.
Janet Gower
Health Occupations Students of America
Board of Directors


“ Her reign as a HOSA state officer demonstrated her ability to work successfully with others to organize the annual state conference. She is extremely cooperative and possesses the capacity to contribute positively while working as part of a team. Not only has she used her organization skills to assist with HOSA events, but she also uses these skills to organize and participate in volunteer projects with the American Cancer Society”.
Diana Hafar
YVHS Health Academy English Teacher