Stephanie Sandoval

Stephanie Sandoval
“I plan on becoming a doctor, I always have. I want to be able to help people and physically make a positive difference in their lives. I have had the opportunity to begin doing that by being in Interact. I have really been able to see the importance of reaching out to those who need you and it has really touched me, especially seeing the looks on the children’s faces when they see us coming and I will always remember that.”
Stephanie Sandoval

“I admire Stephanie’s determination to forge ahead to meet her goals, all the while respectful of others. I have enjoyed knowing and working with Stephanie and anticipate that she will excel and demonstrate leadership capabilities wherever she goes”.
Memory Woodward
Director of Youth Services
Rotary Club of Concord

“I know her to be enthusiastic and bright, and she has good leadership and people skills. She is honest, hard working, cheerful, funny, conscientious, friendly and creative. She is well liked and respected by her peers and gets along with just about everyone. This current school year, Stephanie auditioned for, and was awarded a spot in the Young Artists Symphony Orchestra, which is the premier youth orchestra in Contra Costa County”.
Steven Accatino
Director, Instrumental Music, YVHS